Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wheels in motion

Sorry for the big lag between posts!  I find myself doing everything on my phone these days and typing up a lengthy post is not the easiest on the touch screen! I guess I need to do more short posts.

Anyway, we are right back in the middle of things again!  I have been taking a shot every morning (Follistim) and one every evening (Menopur) for the past week.  I had my second ultrasound this morning and the doctor was very happy with the progress of my follicles.  I continue with these two shots and go in for a third ultrasound on Saturday and the doctor is expecting the egg retrieval to take place on Monday or Tuesday!

The only issue I have been having is with my mind! Specifically, my memory.  With these shots, it is very important that they are done at the same time everyday and the Follistim is stored in the refrigerator and the Menopur I keep in our bedroom.  The very first day I totally forgot to even start the shots until around noon, then 2 days later I totally forgot completely to take my evening shot. And then last night it happened again!  I had set an alarm to go off on my phone for both shots and it went off last night, a few minutes later I went into the bedroom and next thing I knew I was panicking because Anna had woken me up at 5 am and I realized I had never taken my shot!  It made me so anxious all morning because I was worried it would throw everything off by missing it and then I went to take the morning shot and realized I had never put it back in the fridge!  So I had to dump what was left out.  I have no idea what is going on!!

Plus there is a TON of stuff going on in our lives right now....Anniversary, Father's Day, Brother-In-Law, Mother-in-Law, and Jeremy's birthdays oh yeah and Anna's 3rd birthday and birthday party!  As much as I have tried to minimize everything and not stress, it is pretty impossible and I still have quite a to-do list. 

So this morning I guess it was pretty obvious that I was not in a great place, the doctor was worried that I had so much anxiety and the nurse told me that I looked nervous! LOL well I copped to it and the doctor actually prescribed me Xanax! Now I really am a "Real Housewife" haha It is just a few pills for the next week or so because I really want to be able to be relaxed during the procedure.  We will see.....right now, I'm off to take my shot!

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