Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pulling the trigger

Well I had a good ultrasound on Saturday and the doctor said it is time! I took my trigger shot last night. That tells my body to start producing eggs in all the follicles I have been developing over the last week and a half. Bright and early tomorrow morning we will head to the surgery center for the egg retrieval and they will proceed to manually fertilize the strongest eggs with the strongest sperm and we will see what develops. The process is called ICSI and since we ended up having to try that last minute last time around we will just start with that from the get go this time. The odds are much better when it is done right away. Or so they say anyway. I am not too anxious about this procedure. I am sure that we will be able get some Good eggs. I am a little distressed just about going under anesthesia in general but it is a quick procedure and then we will just relax at home for the rest of the day and wait for the call on Tuesday with the results of how many eggs fertilized successfully! So keep us in your prayers tomorrow and I'll try to update. Ideally after fertilization we would let the embryos develop for 5 days and they would be put back inside of me on Saturday. Big week!

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