Monday, June 18, 2012


Well the retrieval was this morning and I did end up getting really nervous and anxious on the way to the surgery center.

The nurses were really great and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery!

Here is a really unflattering picture Jer took of me after it was over :) All bloated and pumped full of fluids, lovely.

It took me a little while to wake up then I had juice and crackers.  A little while later the nurse came in and said they got 32 eggs!! That is a huge number!  We got 14 last time!

So they said because they had gotten so many, there was still a good chance that my ovaries would be hyper(over)stimulated.  I had hyper-stimulation last time but it affected me before the procedure and this time I had mostly been feeling fine, just a little bit full.

I felt really great leaving the surgery center.  Jeremy and I were both in a great mood and very relieved that this part was over.  We went to get breakfast and headed back home.  Then the 6 am wake up hit me combined with having been under anesthesia (and stress) and I fell asleep for a few hours.

Since then I have really been feeling the ovaries continue to swell.  I have quite a bit of pain and a lot of fullness.  Hopefully it will start turning around tomorrow and we won't have an unexpected crisis to deal with which could put the embryo transfer in jeopardy.  Also my abdomen is so swollen right now, I am just waiting for someone to ask me when I am due, ugh.  That should go back down shortly as well.

Anyway, overall great news today!  Now we wait to hear tomorrow how many of the eggs were mature and how many of those fertilized.  We will hope there are enough that we will be able to wait out the 5-days and do the transfer on Saturday.  I think the odds are finally in our favor!

Thanks to everyone for all the care, concern, thoughts & prayers - it means a lot!!

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