Saturday, December 10, 2011

Check Two: Going good....too good!

We had the second ultrasound to look at my ovaries on Wednesday and they looked great, they looked totally different than the week before, there were lots of obvious follicles growing all over both of them.

It was great to see, the doctor said they looked fantastic and in fact they might be growing a little TOO well, so he has lowered my Follistm dose.

So things are going great.  I have a third ultrasound on Sunday and they will set a date for the upcoming week to do the egg retrieval then and about 5 days after that I will have baby on board! (!!!) So that is really close.

I have been feeling pretty good overall, my abdomen is really full feeling and sore, I can actually feel my ovaries which is pretty weird.  They do hurt, but it is manageable. I am still doing 2 shots a day and it is going fine, I have been good about getting them in on time.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!!

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