Thursday, November 17, 2011

First shot down

Things are officially in motion!  I had my Lupron injection on Monday afternoon, I did end up running down to the Dr office just to make sure everything was done correctly.  The shot itself was not really painful at all and so far no major side effects, just some headaches which are easily taken care of.

Next step is an ultrasound on November 30th to see if the Lupron was effective and we can continue moving forward.

2 things I am thinking about right now: a) I have recently realized a major flaw in this blog....I am actually very superstitious when it comes to pregnancy.  Just because of all of my medical history and the PCOS in particular I am at an increased risk of miscarriage and I was very strict about not sharing the news with anyone until after the 12 week mark so not sure how I will approach that on this page.  More to come I guess.

and b) Just thought I would share the lovely needle that was just stuck into my butt so you all can have a reference point :)  Here it is

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