Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well the big day is here, rather the first of several upcoming big days.  Tomorrow I finally take my first shot.  The medicine I will have injected tomorrow is called Lupron Depot.  It is actually a medication developed for Endometriosis that doctors found will help with IVF as well.

The Lupron will basically shut my reproductive cycle down.  Right now, because of the PCOS, I have follicles of all different sizes on my ovaries.  The Lupron will shut down the hormone that develops the follicles making them all go back to the start in a way so that they can all be grown at the same time and in a controlled manner by the doctor.  This way, there is a great chance of having more eggs develop to the size needed to make a embryo and hopefully when I have my egg retrieval process (in about a month!! yikes!!) there will be at least 10 - 15 decent quality eggs for the Doctor to remove and fertilize.

The needle (this is that $800 shot, luckily only ended up being $50 after insurance) is about 3 inches long and has to be injected into my muscle.  I am still on the fence about having Jeremy do this or going to have the nurse do it.  Not that I don't trust Jeremy, when I started Lovenox after the first ectopic he did all of my injections for quite awhile until I had to learn to do them myself because I traveled for work.  But I can't give myself an Intra Muscular shot because it is best to do it in your back side and hard to reach on your own.

Anyway, I do trust Jer, but A) that needle sure is looong, B) The medication is a powder that needs to be mixed and they explained it to us, but that was more than a month ago when we thought the shot would take place at the beginning of October and C) did I mention it is an $800 shot? I don't want to screw it up...and if this doesn't happen right on this day then we will be all off track again and we really won't be able to fit a procedure in before the end of 2011.  (update from my last post: we are able to get a try in before the end of the year!! I was so happy about that!  Should happen the week of December 11 so well before holiday vacations) There will be plenty of additional shots in my near future that Jeremy will have the joy of administering.  I just don't really feel like driving all the way to Ypsilanti (about 30 minutes) for a shot but since it is a one time medication I probably will.

So as of tomorrow, the wheels are in motion, the process has officially begun!  I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, keep them coming :)

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