Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Starting to come together

So there finally has been some movement on our impending fertility treatments.  I found out that my mom's best friend's daughter used the same doctor as one of my good girlfriends and they both just rave about him.  And the friend's daughter is a nurse who did a lot of research beforehand.  Both women got pregnant (with twins!) after seeing him.  I also just found out that he is in our insurance network. 

So I plan to make an appointment with him shortly.  I just discussed this with Jeremy, I think it is the first time the subject has really come up since we found out IVF would be a part of our lives, so I am glad to have that dialogue going again too.  I think we both were just a little overwhelmed with the unknown for the past few months, particularly the unknown amount of money these treatments will require because we do kinda know it will be a lot.  But, you don't know anything until you ask so the appointment will be the first step. 

I also have decided to fill out some of my fertility story with some more in depth blog posts.  I just recently have a very strong urge to tell my story, I don't know what will come of it, if anything - but at the very least I want to have all of the details recorded somewhere before I forget anything more :)

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