Friday, August 19, 2011

Timing is everything

So we had an appointment with the IVF doctor all set up for last week, my mother-in-law drove down 90 minutes to watch Anna when we went and right before we were ready to walk out the door, his office called and said he had an emergency and they had to cancel our appointment. 

I guess I understand everyone has emergencies, even doctors, but that was a little frusterating.  In the mean time I had been catching up on 'Giuliana & Bill' which is a show on the Style Network about Bull & Giuliana Rancic who have had quite a fertility struggle themselves and have been very public about it which has really inspired me to start this blog.  Anyway, they recently have been trying more holistic cures and it has me thinking about giving it a shot. 

I don't really know if there is a possibility of anything helping, I mean I saw the X-ray with my own eyes, I saw that the dye just stopped where it should have flowed freely.  But what if there was a chance that something like acupuncture could open up that scar tissue?  It would certainly be much less invasive and expensive than IVF, but if it doesn't work it just delays the inevitable even longer.  And then is my right tube even capable of transferring an egg, does my right ovary even produce eggs? 

I have a instinctive feeling that all 3 of my pregnancies have come from the left side.  I know for sure that the 2 ectopic were, and although I can't prove it, I feel like Anna came from the left side as well.  So was my right tube just disconnected all this time?  Or does the right side just not function? Well, I'm not sure anyone knows.  I plan to ask the IVF doctor and I feel like we need to have this initial meeting and then we will see what direction makes the most sense.  So, now I have a new date to get all anxious about and hopefully after next week we will have a lot more answers.

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